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Gothic fashion is inspired from both the Elizabethan and Victoria eras along from the Punk subculture. #provestra


punk | The punk subculture emerged in the United Kingdom, the United States ...


Are some punks more 'real' than other punks? There are several common identifiers of punks such as style, music tastes and ideologies. Yet the concept of authenticity suggests that while some may seem to present themselves as punk, they could merely be posing in order to fit in or are somehow less punk than another. Contrary to this, the punk subculture appears to be one where if a young person acts, dresses and announces themselves to be punk then that's exactly what they are.


Female participation is often either not apparent or ignored in many subcultures (Garber & McRobbie 1983, p. 4) but punk has long had a strong female presence. This video describes the punk subculture as being liberating for young females as for perhaps the first time they weren't just being seen as a sexualised item, but rather an individual capable of just as much as their male counterparts. By being a member of this subculture, female punks challenge the norms of typical 'girly'…

[Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, and girlfriend Nancy Spungen] The swastika is a clear example of #appropriation within the punk subculture. According to Hebdige, punks were typically unsympathetic to parties of the extreme right (116). In fact, punk subculture grew out of an "antithetical response to the reemergence of racism in the mid-70's,"

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19 Relics From The '90s Hologram Epidemic

These hologram Dr Martens suggest that certain elements of punk subculture were adopted by rave sects.

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1970s Subcultures – Punk

80s Women Punk Subculture | ... punk subculture and that is where the subculture started to spread