@uniquebrianna98 this reminds me of your guy character (his tattoo) in BID. Sorry I can't remember his name, it's been a long time since I read it. I'll have to refresh my brain when it starts back up :) More

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Corvid | Crow | Raven | Rook | La Corneille | Il Corvo | 烏 | El Cuervo | ворона | 乌鸦 | More

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Crow "Handsome fellow," She said. Blue-black, Eyes of knowing, cocked Head, he is peering At her with certainty. "Caw!" His answer of love.

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Odin's ravens. Mixed media (ink, watercolor, colored pencil on paper) , 24x32 cm

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Okaasan ✏️ on …

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Corvid | Crow | Raven | La Corneille | Il Corvo | 烏 | El Cuervo | ворона | 乌鸦 |

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Figurative Language used with the birds- "He’s a raven with the feathers of the dove." This line is a metaphor. Juliet is saying that Romeo is Raven with the feathers of a Dove. Without figurative language the story and writing would be quite dull.

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Raven (Corvus Corax) by Sergey-Ryzhkov on DeviantArt

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Ravens symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead... My spirit guide is a raven.... I find it ironic.

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