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My fave Hulk sketch by in my opinion the best Hulk artist. My third foray into using a tablet, more of a & in& than anything else but was fun working in the extra det.

Red Hulk by xXNightblade08Xx on deviantART

Art: Ink: Colors: I had a lot of fun to color this! I think Red Hulk is beginning to become my favorite.

Red Hulk, whoes story is not all that great, but excellent artwork

The stunning comic book art of artist and illustrator In-Hyuk Lee. Freelance artist In-Hyuk Lee's many clients include Marvel, Applibot and Game Loft.

THUNDERBOLT ROSS/RED HULK … For years, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was in charge of a military unit known as the Hulkbusters. To further complicate matters, his only daughter Betty was deeply in love with Bruce Banner, the Hulk's more mild-mannered human identity. After unsuccessfully pursuing the Hulk for years, losing his daughter in the process, Ross finally decided it was time to take things to the next level.

Hulk 50 from Marvel comics, variant cover illustrated by Arthur Adams [link] and colored by yours truly!

How Sick is this! What do get when you have Ghost Riders Spirt of Vengeance, the Venom Symbiote & the Red Hulk! PURE AWESOME! Venom issues 9-14 with Circle of Four Arc.

Red Hulk Symbiote with Venom whilst possessing Ghost Rider's Spirit of Vengeance.

Marvel Red Hulk and Ghost Rider i don't really enjoy red hulk all that much

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