Shower scum remover - 1/2 cup hot vinegar and 1/2 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Shake gently and spray.  Vinegar should be warm so it doesn't work as well to mix in advance.

Amazing Scum Removing Cleaner

Magical cleaning solution.

This Magical Soap Scum Remover is Going to Change the Way You Clean Forever

How to Clean Shower Door Tracks is a handy cleaning trick that takes just 30 minutes.

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Hard water stains in the glass shower doors. Haven't tried this one yet...
Do you want your shower look like new for a long time? Here are a few tips on how to clean your shower and prevent soap scum build up in the future!
How To Easily Remove Hard Water Spots On Glass Shower Doors

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors With Hard Water Stains

The secret to sparkling shower doors that you only have to clean twice a year-I am so happy to have found this tip-I HATE water spots!
Just wanted to let you know bar keepers friend comes in a powder form. i mix 2 cps. water and   half cup  powder. it is the same container the old comet comes in just different name. It so works:)soapscum5

Removing soap scum from shower doors – 4 methods and a winner!!

Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

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How to Keep Your Shower Clean with Rain-X