Word Wall or Bulletin Board Set with Spanish verb endings for every tense - present tense (-AR, -ER, -IR), preterite tense (-AR, -car/-gar/-zar, regular -ER/-IR, 'y' verbs, stem-changing, and irregular verbs), imperfect tense (-AR, -ER/-IR, irregulars), future tense, conditional tense, present subjunctive (-AR, -ER/-IR), participles, present perfect tense, pluperfect tense, and gerunds

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Dream Catchers are from Native American lore; they trap bad dreams and let the good dreams filter down to the sleeper.

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Knowledge Around The World hallway theme! Europe: traced and then painted Italy onto bulletin board paper, then printed pictures of major cities and labeled the map and the pictures :) hall mates were jealous so now I'm doing all of the doors

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Study Abroad Bulletin Board. Use road maps as the background. Fits with a travel theme and can incorporate an on-campus resource!

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Cute fall bulletin boards!

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Summer Bulletin Board for Summer School Session. The footprints have each students' name on them

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Globe bulletin board - for multi-cultural stuff as well as earth day, marking countries from which our students have immigrated.

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@Kim Smith @Leigh Sullivan @Melissa Topazi What if we did something like this when we start continents? It would be sort of like the first grade zoo--but each class would have a different continent. Some of us could team up together to do the same one! Super fun!

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Life lessons learned from Spanish grammar.

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Map of the World Wallpaper by Swag Paper - it's not cheap to cover an entire wall, but they have a lot of different sizes.

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