I was that friend, but I was easily replaced as usual.  Hope you're having a great time without me Queen.  "Thanks for the memories even tho they weren't so great"

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That person has started to leave me, and I feel like I am totally alone. They were my only friend.

This always happens to me.. It's no wonder I don't trust anyone and am afraid to make new friends.. At least I have my family!

It's sad how people claim to love and care about you and yet they replace you so quickly. they say these things but they don't act them out and that is how they can replace you

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I've been replaced in all of my friends groups. The people I used to spend hours talking to don't even acknowledge me anymore.

Lecture No. 34. There will be times in your life when you ask this of someone who has deeply wounded you. But, my beautiful boys know that the hurt, pain, the ache will pass and one day you will wake up happy again.

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Was it easy to make up all those lies about me? Was it easy to blame me? Was it easy watching her tear me apart? Was it easy to break someone's heart like that? Because you couldn't tell the truth, because you are afraid of her.

I just want to feel that I'm important to someone, that I matter and I am a priority. I really don't get that enough.

Ten More Ways to Love Someone With Depression

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To my "best friend" who replaced me when she was the person I thought I needed..

“If one day you notice that we haven’t talked in a while. It’s not because I don’t care anymore, it’s because you pushed me away.

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“I’m so ashamed of myself all the time. I just feel like I’m worthless and replaceable.”

12 Depression Quotes That Can Help Others Understand What You’re Going Through

“I’m so ashamed of myself all the time. I just feel like I’m worthless and replaceable.

Quote on mental health: Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When "I" is replaced by "We", Illness become wellness. -Shannon L.Alder www.HealthyPlace.com

While you may be wanting to find something that totally cures your depression, there are things you can do right now to alleviate some of your symptoms. This article is going to go over what you can do to fight your depression so that