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I hope you like my colorful resin components necklace. It give me the most interesting colorful shadows in my studio when I hold it up .

FurnityurMolds: BIG Tutorial. Jewelries with dandelion, glass and seashells. Epoxy resin and molds. DIY

FurnityurMolds: tutorial about work with dandelions and epoxy resin. You'll learn how to use flowers, molds and epoxy resin to create different kinds of jewellery. I want a dandelion necklace for my Dandie dog.

Изумительные браслеты из сухоцветов и эпоксидной смолы — Рукоделие


Pour clear resin into ring or bracelet molds, then put little pressed plants and flowers into them.

Erin LaRocque | resin jewelry | nature-inspired jewelry | wood jewelry | spring accessories

Foraged Pieces of a Michigan Forest Encased in Delicately Laser-Cut Wooden Pendants

Artist Erin LaRocque (of BuildWithWood) creates beautiful pendants by encapsulating natural treasures, found in Michigans Hiawatha National Forest, in resin and laser-cut wood frames.

Terrarium Jewelry by Ruby Robin

Terrarium Jewelry by Ruby Robin Lets You Take Tiny Bits Of Nature With You

mistakes beginners make with resin

Mistakes beginners make with resin

The five mistakes beginners make with resin. Learn the five biggest mistakes beginners make with resin and how you can avoid them.

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Wood Jewels Fused with Resin

Diy resin jewelry scenes                                                                                                                                                                                 More

20 Resin Jewelry DIYs to Explore This Weekend

FREE tutorial video showing different ways to shine up your resin pieces.

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Huge list of cool tutorials for making resin pendants.

Huge list of cool tutorials for making resin pendants. This is not polymer clay, but it could be use together with resin.