Ways to Preserve your Horse Show Ribbons, instead of sitting in boxes collecting dust

I would love to do this with all my ribbons. Such a neat idea! This site will create pillows,quilts, bags,picture frames, wreaths from your horse show ribbons and photos.

Make It Sew Projects. Go to http://cloud9fabrics.com/projects/make-it-sew/ for more free patterns!

This is a really cool pattern Ribbon Box Quilt by Michelle Engel Bencsko from Make It Sew Projects for Fabrics

Ribbon Box Quilt

I just completed this quilt yesterday, haven't washed it yet but can't wait to see the crinkliness emerge after doing so, it's the main reason I chose


Little silk-ribbon dragonflies, because every hour is precious. (What's the feeling tone / associations of "snake doctors"?

Showthrow.com - Heirloom Ribbon Quilts by Lani B. Ohly

Another quilt design for all those State Conference and Congress ribbons that I've collected for years. I could even use my old page sashes for the border.

So much easier than it looks!  Would make a great border, too.

Ryan Walsh Quilts, Modern Quilts, Sewing, Home Decor, Fabric: Ryan's Holiday Ribbon Block - Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along This would make a great border.

OMG!  The ultimate way to preserve those 4H ribbons collected over the years!!!

The ultimate way to preserve those ribbons collected over the years! Or Gymnastics Ribbons!

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This would make a great table runner pattern -- just add a few more rows to make the quilt longer.