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From slipping in the shower to falling off buildings: Controversial artist's amazing pictures of himself tumbling through the air

Safety: For the most risky pictures, the artist deploys a hidden harness or crash mat


Looking down at the pads on a slab is a risky game because if you fall, it’s not the first thing you hit! 🤔 #climb #climbing #rockclimbing #scarpa #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #epictv #stillgettingout #training #doyouclimb #stillgettingout...

Stamped fall gradient!! I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest, but there's no water mark, so I'm not sure who to credit. 😬😕 Please let me know if you recognize this design! I created the gradient using @limecrimemakeup Peaches & Cream, @chinaglazeofficial None of Your Risky Business, Stoked to be Soaked, and Igniting Love. I stamped using @essiepolish Good as Gold and @bundlemonster plate BM-H11, then topped it with #hkgirltopcoat by @glistenandglow1 . ☺️

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24 Dog Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me On My Period"

When you have to sneeze but you know it’s risky. | 24 Dog Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me On My Period"


This big Google Photos update is going to give new life to your pictures Read more Technology News Here --> Google Photos is now more capable than ever thanks to some new machine-learning tricks introduced in todays update which is now available on Android and iOS. Already renowned for granting unlimited high-quality photo storage to its users (Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL owners can store an unlimited amount of uncompressed photos) the new update…

My fiance and I decided to compile childhood pictures for a slideshow to have at our wedding reception. When going through his stack of photos, nothing could have prepared me for this gem! To my surprise, he thought it was an awesome picture and wondered why I was laughing so hard! His words“That is a really cool picture I love that picture!”I still don’t understand what a ladder and boombox have to do with beachwear. And why is he posing like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model?”(by…


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 64 Pics


A Flying Baseball Bat, a Dad’s Instinct and a Photograph

In a split second, a father’s instinct takes over, and a risky moment becomes a picture that dazzles the Internet.

Wikipedians’ increased used of the Tor network paints a clear picture on how risky the world of open collaboration has become. #deepweb #darkweb #darknet


Me after sending a risky text