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reconstruction of a cubiculum (bedchamber) in a Roman atrium house


File:Atrium interior.jpg - A wealthy roman home


Reconstruction of Roman living area (also known as exedra) from Museum of London

Stage One CLC Digital reconstruction of a Roman Domus´s Atrium

Artist's reconstruction of the Roman villa near Aschaffenburg


Digital reconstruction of the triclinium of the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii

View of a reconstruction of a Roman living room. This reconstruction shows a living room of a wealthy London house in c300 AD. It is on show at the Roman gallery, Museum of London. The mosaic floor was found in 1869 during the reconstruction of Queen Victoria Street. The mosaic is made of various coloured cubes of stone and ceramic. It was revelead to the public in 1869. The reconstruction setting is of similar date and the wall painting is based on plaster fragments from Austin Friars.

Reconstruction of a room from a Roman house.