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How to Cook a Tender Eye Round Roast Recipe

How to Cook a Tender Eye Round Roast

Holidays don't need to be expensive or time-consuming. Try this slow cooker herb butter inside round roast this holiday season to save on time and effort!

Slow Cooker Herb Butter Inside Round Roast + Giveaway

Perfect Eye of Round Roast                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Perfect Eye of Round Roast

Bottom round roast oven or crockpot

Beef Bottom Round Roast Perfection

Beef Top Round Roast

Rosemary and Garlic Beef Top Round Roast with Potatoes

Foolproof Eye of Round Roast - turns out perfect every single time! So tender! |

Foolproof Eye of Round Roast

Barbacoa Tacos  -  FB comments, "I used top round roast instead of chuck because it was on sale. I browned the meat on sautee, then cooked down the onions and built the braising liquid right in the pot. Then I set it to Meat/Stew 45 mins and it came out shreddy and very flavorful."

Barbacoa Tacos

(Use 1-2 tsp. chipotle powder) Pressure Cooker Barbacoa Beef - Just sear the meat and pop it all into your pressure cooker and in 1 hour you have the most delicious shredded beef that tastes like you cooked it all day long!

Pressure Cooker Barbacoa Beef

Slow Cooker French Dip - add 1c water & 1 packet au jus to slow cooker & whisk. Season 2-4lb. bottom round roast or sirloin tip roast with salt, pepper & onion powder. Brown roast in 1T oil, then add to slow cooker. Cook on low 8-10 hours. Make another au jus packet per directions. Shred meat, discard fat. Melt cheese on bread in broiler. Add sautéed mushrooms & onions.

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwich Au Jus

This tender, delicious Round Roast is a family dinner favorite! Alterations: We didn't need to cook for a full hour. We added rosemary and basil to the rub.

Tender Eye of Round Roast