Sam huntington

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Sam Huntington and I are planning a June wedding. xD
Sam Huntington - WOOF! – SyFy Channel’s “Being Human” Star and resident werewolf Sam Huntington Gets Dirty With His iPhone. (He looks like he's thinking, "What did those damn make-up people do to me?" Poor Sammy. Poor cute adorable Sammy.
Josh Levinson, from the series, Being Human (US version), werewolf - played by Sam Huntington
Sam Huntington from Being Human...this is why i love this show ;)  Love him to the max ! Since jungle 2 jungle lol
Men of Being Human SyFy:  Sam Huntington's werewolf change
Sam Huntington, I hope that one day you become my snugglebunny...until then, a girl can dream.
Sam Huntington as Werewolf Josh Levinson In Syfy's Being Human.   This is pretty much what I'll be shooting for this march.
Sam Huntington. So handsome.

Sam Huntington in "Sanctuary" Panel - Comic-Con 2011

Being Human's Sam Huntington from 'Jungle 2 Jungle' ~ Awhmazing

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