Creole Shrimp & Crab Cheesecake

Creole Shrimp & Crab Cheesecake Recipe -We live on the beach and love to eat seafood. A stay-at-home mom, I also love to experiment in the kitchen. I came up with this savory spread as a special appetizer.

Cheddar & Bacon Savory Cheesecake

This restaurant inspired savory spinach artichoke cheesecake is the perfect party appetizer! It looks impressive and tastes even better! Spread it on.

Muffuletta Cheesecake

Muffuletta Cheesecake Recipe- Recipes When I needed a party appetizer and couldn’t find a recipe I liked, I created my own. This savory spread boasts the flavors of a classic Italian muffuletta sandwich.

Mini Basil Parmesan Cheesecakes with Tomato Jam

A savory spin on the classic cheesecake recipe, these savory mini Basil Parmesan Cheesecakes have a cracker crust and are topped with a tangy tomato jam.

Herb & Roasted Pepper Cheesecake

Herb & Roasted Pepper Cheesecake - Roasted red peppers and fresh herbs basil, chive and thyme add notes of sweetness, licorice and a hint of peppery finish in ways that will surprise you. Add a drizzle of oil just before serving, and pass the pita chips.

Blue Cheese Cheesecake

Blue Cheese Cheesecake is a savory cheesecake with a savory cornmeal crust full of blue cheese with a garlic and basil flavor.

Savory Chive Cheesecake with Potato Chips Crust - A kettle chip crusted savory cheesecake reminiscent of a sour cream and onion chips and dip, but a much more elegant appetizer.

Goat's cheesecake with red onion jam

These brilliant goats cheesecake recipe from award winning British chef, Simon Hulstone, are tasty and look amazing - truly, the ultimate canapé recipe

Roquefort Cheesecake with Pear Preserves and Pecans

Roquefort Cheesecake with Pear Preserves and Pecans is ideal for large gatherings--it makes 12 appetizer servings. Pear preserves balance the tanginess of the Roquefort cheese, and toasted pecans add nutty flavor to this herb-and-pecan cheese spread.