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It's impossible to figure out how to outline any one aspect of your story in isolation. Instead, learn 3 ways to "bob and weave" from one to the next.

van e.a. deverell

How to Write Your Fastest Story Ever

Writing fast is a skill anyone can develop. Cranking out a quick story can also be a great way to take a break, find inspiration, regain your confidence, and perhaps even make some money, when you’re entangled in a long and difficult writing project.

Stephen King On Writing Infographic || I actually have his book on how to write I just need to get around to reading it

How to create a fictional character Some fun stuff for you :)

How to create a fictional character Some fun stuff for you :)

Answer all these questions and you should have a fully-developed character for your audience to connect with. A strong character can carry a weak plot; but a strong plot can’t carry weak characters.

Helpful tips and tools for writing, inspiration and motivation. All items posted are made by me or...

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire A character questionnaire can be a great way to inspire a bit (or a lot) more detail about your characters. This list has been compiled from various sources around the net and in books and also our own brains. If you see any duplicates in the list please let us know, and if you have any additional questions we haven't thought of, email us if you'd like us to add them.

van Pema Donyo

Four Writing Lessons from Stephen King

I finally had the chance to read On Writing by Stephen King and I highly recommend it. King’s memoir has plenty of hilarious anecdotes from his life, and his book is also full of wisdom about…