PJO 30 day challenge!! Day 2: What is your least favorite PJO book. Mine is sea of monsters. The book honestly was boring.

A 'Percy Jackson' Summer Camp Thrives In Brooklyn

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters - Book Two: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book Two

eighthsun:  "They swam off, but I could tell they went reluctantly. I swear I understood their intentions. They were about to start rumors f...

Percy Jackson - Percy/Annabeth<--- sea of monster. this is literally so cute, and one of my favorite early percabeth moments.

At first I felt so offended but then I remembered Sea of Monsters and I am laughing now I was like whaaaat?? and then i saw that ^^^ and then im like HAAHA

PJO Fandom will get it but for those who don't remember here it is - Annabeth in sea of monster told Polyphemus that she was NOBODY so Nobody loves annabeth that means Annabeth loves Percy

Back in the days when a hug was a HUGE deal hahahahahahahahaha

Glad You're Not a Guinea Pig -- The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson Graphic Novel # first percabeth moment

I have a couple friends following me who don't read PJO... they'll be like "aww how sweet" and the PJO fans are like "OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE"

In case you don't remember in Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters Annabeth acted as "Nobody" since Odysseus did the same thing to Polyphemus Hundreds of years ago

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Had fun at the first one, here's hoping the sequel's the same

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

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