Hey the scarf has stripes.  HMMM.  Glad I noticed that, or someday I may have bought the wrong scarf.

today I put on a shirt, blue trousers, black shoes, long black coat and blue scarf. Only then did I see this pin and realise that I was unintentionally cosplaying Sherlock XD

Sherlock On Tumblr #11 Ok, so I recently read something about Keanu Reeves being up for a 4th Matrix movie, and I love him, but Ben in that coat, with those sunglasses? I see Neo and I LIKE it.

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I consider myself married to my work.

"I consider myself married to my work." I consider myself married to you

Love the color, full length and asymmetry

Vintage coat from Montgomery Wards Fall catalog. I love the giant buttons of three different sizes!

Sherlock Coat CLOTHING - DIY, tutorials, needlework, paper crafts, knitting, crochet, jewelry, swaps, sewing and so much more on Craftster.org

Sherlock Coat CLOTHING DIY - I can get a duvet coat for a couple of quid in town, and use my oversized wool coat.

Sherlock/Coat: the least complicated relationship on this show.

Sherlock X The coat is my OTP. (I really don't think Sherlock should be in a romantic relationship. It wouldn't be true to the character.) I SHIP COATLOCK

women Sherlock Holmes WOMEN Cape Coat Costume Wool Version with Muffler Scarf as Gift US $210.00

G0618 Sherlock Holmes Cape Coat Costume Wool Version with Muffler Scarf as Gift