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Remove cigarette smoke spray- Put 4 drops each of Rosemary, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus in a spray bottle with water. Shake well & spray!

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How to Get the Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of Your House: Step-by-Step Guide

This is a detailed step by step guide in how to get the smoke smell out of your house.

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How to Remove Nicotine From Walls and Windows

How to Remove Nicotine From Walls and Windows | eHow

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How To: 8 Easy Ways to Remove Cigarette Smoke Smells from Your Car

The lingering smell of cigarette smoke can bother just about anyone, including smokers themselves. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to mask or completely get rid of the smell altogether. While you can go through extremes like washing and even repainting the walls in your home, those options don't exist when the odor is in your car. The smoke can easily be absorbed into fabric and leather seats, but you can use some DIY deodorizers to keep your car smelling fresh. Now, keep in mind…


If there was one thing I actually hate in this world, it would be cigarettes. They are gross! They stink and create a nasty habit that literally destroys your body. I mean, if you are smoking something that literally can kill you and turn your insides black, you think somebody would say something to make … Continue reading »


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When the previous owners of a house you have just purchased were smokers, it's almost guaranteed that the smell of smoke will linger unless you take action.

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Get Smoke Smell out of Your House

Get Smoke Smell out of Your House. Just in case I ever move into a smoker's home.


Auto Shocker Removes Any Car Odor including Cigarette Smoke -,74f731b5-fb54-6e6b-fc19-710a4f04206e

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How do I Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor From Interior Brickwork

Buying a home from smokers means dealing with the pungent smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the door. Odors from cigarette smoke build up on the walls, floor and ceilings of a home, regardless of the surface texture. They do not quickly go away on their own. To remove cigarette odor from wall and floor surfaces made of brick, you will have...