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I plan on getting a cardinal tattoo on my foot for my dad because when I was growing up, we spent time in the woods looking at birds and every time we saw a cardinal we'd get excited. He taught me a lot of birds and cardinals are his favorite.

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Small heart flower and white dove tattooed on ankle - Tattoos Designs THIS is what I want on my left shoulder, on the front of my shoulder :)))))

My second tattoo. Cardinals mean a lot in my Family. Done at Bent & Twiztid tattoos by Phil. Dedicated to my mom and grandma, RIP.

I LOVE the cardinal tattoo on the wrist. Reminds me of my great grandmother. She loved cardinals.

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Originally written for my creative nonfiction course last semester. Louis Cardinals should have won the 2013 World Series. Not just because I loathe the Red Sox, but because I have two card…

Small ladybug tattoo on toe

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