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SMASH book challenge. Topic and Theme ideas for journaling and smashbook.

Smash book challenge, 30 topics in 30 days. Are you up to it?

Smash book challenge, 30 topics in 30 days. Perfect for those just starting out, or veteran smash bookers who need some new ideas and challenges.

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30DC: My Playlist Revealed

30 day writing challenge - full of writing prompts/ideas. Don't know if I'd do the whole list, but some interesting stuff to think about.

30 page smash book challenge. Alter some to do with the kids in the summer, maybe 1 a week. It would have vacations and fun in it

Have the kids do this every school year! 30 Page Smash Book Challenge. Never done a Smash book but may need to try based on this list for kids to remember and re create or add to through the years

30 day challenge, ill start monday and skip the weekends

30 Day Book Challenge Day 15 – Favorite Male Characters

31 day challenge

Smash*aholics 30 Days Challenge