Maximilian Jaenicke Crown of Smoke   How'd he do it? “Milk, water, a big jar, Canon Powershot A95 + macro converter lens, 2x 500 W halogen lamps, black board and PS, of course. Milk was dripped into water with a pipette. While the milk was   decending in the water, a series of shots were taken."

Hamlet was king of Denmark. His crown turned invisible when I was murdered. This relates because King Hamlet was killed and came back in ghost form to speak to Hamlet.

23 Amazing Photo Manipulations of Smoke

23 Amazing Photo Manipulations of Smoke

Photoshop tips, tricks, skills and effects, mixed with a heady brew of creativity (image credit: demiart.

Whisp is the child of Sylph and mortal, as such is of two worlds.

Smoke Art by Mehmet Ozgur

Mehmet Ozgur‘s “Smoke Art” is some pretty awesome stuff. Looking at these incredible images, you might wonder – drawings?

Smoke, by Steve Wampler – A very sensuous-looking smoke trail that, for me, recalls the female form. At the same time, it evokes the idea of a fragile relationship and the possibility that the affection between two people will dissipate.

Smoke, this ever changing substance, is such an interesting thing to photograph. You can have a lot of fun trying to photograph smoke and then seeing the crazy

"She's the smoke, she's dancing fancy pirouettes. Swan-divin' off of the deep end of my tragic cigarette"

10 Amazing Smoke Art Pieces - pictures smoke, art of smoke

Ballerina made from cigarette smoke. I hate that it's cigarette smoke, but the smoke part is just awesome

Going Up In Smoke - A gallery-quality illustration art print by Ashley Mackenzie for sale.

Going Up In Smoke by Ashley Mackenzie

Standard call out card back drop. Simple black white with touches of chosen highlight colour for graphics

(A/N: Auras appear smoky, though at first they're just a glow around the body. During the Rite, smoke also appears out of the skulls and consumes the thirteen-year-old. The smoke later forms their familiar.

Art Meets Cartography: The 15,000-Year History of a River in Oregon Rendered in Data

Art Meets Cartography: The History of a River in Oregon Rendered in Data (Colossal)

Thomas Saliot - Night Smoke close Up

Thomas Saliot - Night Smoke close Up This explains a lot of what is sexy and defiant.

Print design 12.2012 by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse, via Behance

Print design by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse, via Behance I like most of it, just not the skull