You've heard the song "These Boots were made for Walking"? Well, these nails were made for taking a picture of!

This is lovely ! Today's Daily Nail Art is this Converse Sneaker design by suga-skull. As you can see, you can modify this style to fit any color scheme of your choosing, or go all out and make each sneaker a different color.

Sneakers Nail Art

This Sneakers Nail Art is the Cutest Thing Ever


piCture pOlish 'Converse Nails' features Twinkle, Candy, Mellow Yellow & Tiffany' by Nails by Jema!

Nail Art ~ Chuck Taylor nails.Black and white (you can choose your own colour chucks).

Converse Shoe Nails - not crazy about the sneaker nail but I love the white tips with the black line.

Idée soulier ongle...nail choes

Nailed It NZ: Nail art for short nails - Chuck Taylors/shoe nails! I did this a summer or two ago.

Après la manucure Louboutin, la manucure converse + visuel de la nouvelle Collection Converse printemps/été 2012 "Chuck Taylor All Star" -

These nails were all done up like Chuck Taylor All Star Converse sneakers!