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This is him. Exactly him and every time I question myself because of the decade of shit he put me through.

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2.5yrs of hell for him. It's ok though.. He can live his fantasy and he'll do the same with the next girl... Men like him don't change..

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This totally describes my relationship with loserita and her hoard of ugly flying monkeys

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Narcissists NEVER...believe it!

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Fact ...Narcissists, Psychopaths and Sociopaths don't /won't ever change ..once you rid yourself of them they will just move on to their next victim and carry on as get away Far and Fast...

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It looks to most people like the narcissist is a caring, even loving person; but those who have come to know the being, even just a little, realize that there is nothing there. That caring person is an imposter.

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narcissist funny not funny but very true!

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