southern belle secrets -- always barefoot, a concept my boyfriend doesn't understand.

Exercise is good for you???

or how to spot yankees pretending to be something they ain't from a mile away. ;)

Southern Belle Secret YES! "ya'll" is not a proper contraction of the words "you" and "all".

Always true. Also don't want to look like a horse, right @Erin B M

Southern Belle Secret You always want to look and feel classy, you don't want to come off as trailer trash.

Food is for every occasion,,birth, death, celebration, holidays, Sunday potlucks at church.  It's all about the fellowship with our friends & family.

Southern belle secrets - don't know why! And it's typically a casserole of some sorts! Although I refuse to bring a green bean casserole!

southern belle secrets lindseysmaguire tete a tete

[southern belle secret] nothing too easy, or done too quickly is going to be right. it takes time to create perfection, whether it is your tea or your hair.

OMG ~ So many times I have used the word 'sweetie' exactly this way...

"Sweetie" is not a true term of endearment, but thinly veiled condescension. I HATE being called sweetie, especially by 20 year old retail girls who don't even know me!