Dump A Day 20 Do It Yourself Spring Time Ideas / Make your own sprinkler any size you want using cheap pvc Materials
Make these DIY water blobs for a fun summer adventure! // Article by Hello Wonderful
Make a simple and inexpensive DIY Sprinkler made from PVC Pipe. Water your lawn in half the time without a sprinkler system. Enjoy your green lawn.

Simple DIY PVC Sprinkler

Be the master of your garden with these easy gardening hacks.

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Make this super easy Water Sprinkler for the kids using a foam pool noodle  ... plus lots of other fun pool noodle crafts ... ZiggityZoom.

Pool Noodle Sprinkler for Summer Fun

(4/22/2017)  DIY water sprinkler, waterfall for kids
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Water Sprinkler System Impulse Long Range Sprinklers for Garden and Lawn
How to make a homemade Water Sprinkler
How to route a sprinkler system under concrete by digging under your driveway or sidewalk using water pressure and PVC pipe.
5 DIY Sprinklers to Cool Down Your Kids This Summer - Tipsaholic
Choose the Best Sprinkler for the Location

Smart and Effective Lawn Watering Tips

Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler | Pottery Barn Kids
How to Build a PVC Sprinkler for your Vegetable Garden  There are a variety of options when it comes to making sure your garden is properly hydrated.  Here is a cool idea from Home Spun Threads using nothing more than PVC and a little creativity to water your vegetable garden beds.  The best part of using PVC to create a sprinkler system for your vegetable garden, is that you can really customize it anyway you want.
Make a SPRINKLER from an old POOL NOODLE | via Make It and Love It