Stencil graffiti

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to create the Banksy-style stencil graffiti effect in Photoshop.

Banksy Style Stencil Graffiti Effect In Photoshop

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Graffiti, Mexico, DF.
how to make your own stencils

Stencilling Tutorial

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findac portrait
Paper Monster. Really cool stencil graffiti artist. Love him!
[O] "Skeleton Broad" - Skeleton, Zombie, Girl, Skull - Imgur
Stencil Graffiti
PaperMonster's Sexy Stencil Art (6 total) - My Modern Metropolis. PaperMonster is a stencil graffiti artist who spends hours adding layers and textures to his paintings. Inspired by women who are complex and unique, his collages are stories of "women who make their own path in life yet are unstoppable no matter the hurdles they face."

PaperMonster's Sexy Stencil Art (6 total)