Painted floors! So cool!

Should you paint your wood floors or is that blasphemous?

Melanie Royals stenciled stair risers at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech with a simply color palette and classic henna patterns unique for each stair.

Stenciled stair risers- tie in my backsplash that is the same.

Wood steps to basement. And the white lightens it up rather than all wood.

Henna inspired stairs stencils with Modello® vinyl masking stencils. What beautiful way to transform a plain staircase! Stairs We Love at Design Connection, Inc. | Kansas City Interior Design #PaintedStairs #HennaStairs #InteriorDesign

Henna inspired stairs stenciled with Modello® Designs vinyl masking stencils

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Stained and Stencil Wood Staircase | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Faux Marquetry Technique

Using Stencil Patterns to Stencil Staircases

☝☟escadas - Stenciled Stairs Benefited with a Faux Marquetry Wood Finish and Royal Design Studio stencils

Les escaliers les plus originaux.

I love this staircase and the idea of incorporating different tiles to each step. Stenciled Staircase by Royal Design Studio Stencils in Moroccos boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions.

Great ideas for using stencils on stair risers.

Using Stencils to Stencil Stair Risers

Using Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs stencils on stair risers is a surefire way to make your stairs stand out with a high-style decorating statement!

stair riser stenciling with moroccan stencils

Fanta Strauss created this gorgeous stenciled staircase with our Moroccan stencil collection!

Michele Molek's faux wood marquetry finish on staircase using stencils by Modello Designs | Paint + Pattern

Michele Molek of Fashionable Finishes stenciled stairs with paint, stain and Modello® Designs masking stencils

Moroccan stencils by Royal Design Studio as featured in Apartment Therapy!

Look!: Stenciled Stairs

Stenciled stair risers add beautiful pattern and color to hallways and floors design in the home

painting wood stairs wisers in white and applying stenciling decoration patterns on every second riser

Revamp Staircase Design with Easy Stencil Decoration Patterns and Painting Ideas