natrual crystal ring crystal quartz ring natrual by Flowercrystal. been wanting a raw mineral ring for a while :)

Lava beads are extremely popular right now due to the lava stone healing properties making them a beneficial and stylish piece of jewelry.

Opal Diamond Ear Hug Studs

Unique Yet Timeless Fine Jewelry #FineJewelry

Maori Stone :They are shaped and polished only by volcanic action and centuries of Pacific waves, and an artisan then decorates them with hand-carved Maori kowhaiwhai (ornamentation). The koru spiral (left) is a stylized fern frond and represents new l

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet, Natural Stone Jewelry, Delicate Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet, Semi Precious Stone Jewelry, Sterling Silver Delicate Gemstone Bracelet, Genuine Moonstone Jewelry by GemsByKelley on Etsy