Tips on restoring steamer trunks - of which I have several, in various levels of terrible shape.

How To Restore Old Tin and Wood Trunk?

Completely refinish a steamer trunk inside and out with a few easy steps! By Jenni of Roots and Wings Furniture.

Steamer Trunk

deze wil ik heel graag!
Stacked steamer trunks double as a nightstand.

Vintage Steamer Trunk Nightstand

Furniture Makeover Tip: Use Rub 'n Buff on hardware to really make it shine! -- You've got to see this whole DIY steamer trunk makeover. It is incredible!!

How to Paint a Vintage Trunk

I could be very comfortable here.  Lisa Goulet Design - Cottage Decor.
painting steamer trunk | The tin portions were painted with Rust inhibiting black spray paint ...
Restored steamer trunk - I have one very similar to this. Refurbished by my husband's grandma as a Christmas present for me. The last one she did before she passed away.
You may have inherited or purchased an antique trunk that has seen better days. These trunks are an interesting conversation starter that offer a large amount of storage space. They can be used as a bench at the foot of the bed, as a coffee table or even as a stand-alone room accent that adds character to the rest of the room. Although trunk...

Do It Yourself Trunk Refinishing

super tutorial on painting and aging a chest
How to clean up a musty trunk by recovering the inside of it.  Step by step tutorial by Jenni of Roots and Wings Furniture.

Steamer Trunk

I painted the entire piece with two coats of Chalk Paint Decorative Paint® by Annie Sloan in Paris Grey and accented the wood slats with Old...great idea.
I have a smelly (but stunning) antique hutch.  After researching the best way to deodorize it, here's what I found. I tested vinegar, baking soda, kitty litter and an onion.  The results are interesting and with some patience, I found out that combining the baking soda with kitty litter worked the best.  Who knew!?
Supplies for restoring Antique Trunks
Antique Steamer Trunk turned Coffee Table

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