Rainbows & Honeysuckle: Organizing Breast Milk Storage (Guest Post!)

I'm sharing this awesome way to store breast milk freezer bags. It's been awesome the last 5 months I've been doing this. I wish I could ta.

Dos & Dont's of Storing Breastmilk {themilkbank.org}

The best way to store breast milk in a storage bag. Article explains why storing breast milk is so important if you are donating.

Breastmilk storage.  Hubby actually came up with this one.  Lay bag flat to freeze and then store in empty soda case.  You can fit over 30 bags in each case!

Clever Ways to Store Breastmilk Breastmilk Storage Guidelines.that would have saved so much space the first time! Wish I would have known about this when I was breast feeding!

Pumping and Storing Breastmilk: How to Stockpile A Good Supply!

Pumping and Storing Breastmilk: How to Stockpile A Good Supply

#Howto Store Breastmilk http://baby-guide.born-unique.com/baby-guide/how-to-store-breastmilk/

Learn how to store breastmilk. Correctly stored breastmilk makes it possible to provide high quality, nutritious food in any situation or circumstance.

How to store breastmilk - YouTube

How to store Breast milk

4 Reasons that Moms Chose to Pump Exclusively while #breastfeeding Photo ©Getty Images

Reasons to Exclusively Pump Breast Milk for Baby

how to store breastmilk - a simple guide. this is the best way to store a bunch of pumped breastmilk // lovelyluckylife.com

How to Store Breastmilk

Pumping and storing breastmilk can be stressful - here is my guide on how to store breastmilk in the freezer so it's cheaper and easier to store than you think!

Great article on introducing bottles + pacifiers to a breasfed baby, and the differences in how babies eat while breasfeeding vs bottle

Introducing Bottles and Pacifiers to a Breastfed Baby by Anne Smith, IBCLC at StorkNet's Breastfeeding Cubby