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“Never take in a man for whom you will later have to make excuses, and never take in a man merely for his bigness in material success unless it be sure that he is a Rotarian at heart. It is better to have 15 good members than 75 members who are Rotarians in name only.”  ~Albert S. Adams Rotary Club of Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1919 Rotary convention
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Russell-Hampton Co. Rotary Club Supplies: Removable Vinyl Bumper Sticker
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Rotary 4 way test for Rotaract
Why I join Rotary?
Rotaract- Figure out where I am going to live then join. It was fun in HS.

Rotaract Meeting Tonight at Hodes

Polio Eradication
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Why my husband runs in fear - Imgur
Can't help but laugh whenever I see this (=