I will scream and sing the whole song

The other day it played at Woolworths and I totally freaked out and my mum just looked at me like I was insane. Which is not far from the truth to be honest 😂

The Many Thoughts of Castiel

The Many Thoughts of Castiel. How did milkshakes develop a gravitational pull that was gender specific?


Best Supernatural Memes or gifs!

The Gilmore Girls just explain Supernatural in two sentences, something I'd never be able to do. God bless them.

Advertisement On Vehicles Fails – 30 Funny Pictures

Advertisement On Vehicles Fails – 30 Funny Pictures

Supernatural Memes | Behind the scenes of supernatural - Good Meme

Did you just call Lost a normal tv show? Plus this behind the scenes of Lost is from the pilot episode, so of course they are all business.


firstclassmovies: EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Tim Burton directs blade-fingered goth Johnny Depp in a suburban allegory starring Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, and Anthony Michael Hall.

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Best 'Supernatural' Quotes From Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley & Bobby