University of Miami Synchronized Skating  - A collection of Synchronized  Skating Dresses to inspire your creativity when designing your new dresses with Sk8 Gr8 Designs.

Miami University’s Synchronized Skating Team

Original artwork using words to describe "Synchronized Skating" -- Dress up a room in your home with this sports-themed print that details the many words for all things synchro like figure skater, choctaw, lutz, Richard Porter, and more. Come visit the Lexicon Delight Etsy store!

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We've added a team event, but still not synchro?

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Omg yes syncro is one of my favorite events abd it would give more skaters a chance to be an olympian. I hope 2018 adds syncro I cant wait!

MIU, A photo collection of Synchronized Skating Dresses to use for inspiration Sk8 Gr8 Designs.

One of my favourite programs: Marigold Ice Unity (Finland) skating on the theme of vampires.

SYNCHRO SYNCHRONIZED SKATING Ice Skate Figure by LifeDefinition, $18.00

This is an 8 x 10 black and white print of skaters feet during crossovers. The photo was taken in January 2012 in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

Types of Figure Skating Turns - Diagram by Dr. Arthur Schneider

One Foot Figure Skating Turn Technique

I know I don't love it the way I used to... I know that I won't be skating too much anymore... But it will always be a part of me

So true! All though my skating career is over it's still, and will always be, a part of me