27 Tweets That Will Make Tall People Laugh Out Loud

27 Tweets That Will Make Tall People Laugh Out Loud

Tall people problems, so me, everyone thinks that I can play basketball cuz of my height, just no

The struggles of being TALL (26 photos)

Tall people problems: Now, don't get me wrong. I love playing basketball. But I don't like the fact that people assume just because I'm tall, I should instantly play basketball.

Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because…

Someone from Holyport, England, GB posted a whisper in the group Tall girls and tall guys, which reads "Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because being tall is YOUR thing.

I've gotten asked have I voted yet and whether or not i teach in the area. All in one sentence. I was in the 7th grade.

Kendra, 22 years old, theoriginaltgpFor all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure.

THANK YOU. Seriously. Dress code should be different for people that are 6 feet tall. I get called for inappropriate shorts and skirts when other people can wear them with no problem.

No, my skirt is not short, my legs are long. Why don't you go ask the girl if her skirt is too short. Yea, the girl with her ass hanging out.

Tall people problems.

Tall people problems.

win. jolly green giant.

Why it sucks to be tall…

Funny pictures about Why Being Tall Sucks. Oh, and cool pics about Why Being Tall Sucks. Also, Why Being Tall Sucks photos.

I'm a shirt person so I can't relate to any of these but I'm pinning anyway

I'm short and i hit my head on everything. I feel sorry for mu BFF she's 6 ft tall --- I'm smol. It's nice knowing that tall people also have problems XD nah not really

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more like short girl problems, ahh yes until they stand on their tip-toes and say no you're not, then I have to get down and pout

Yeah, I don't really want to be in the sky dome area of EVERY picture I am in for my ENTIRE life.

Tall Girl Problem Wearing an amazing outfit but nobody can see it in the picture because 'tall people stand n the back'

My Tall Girl Problem aka my life story lol I hate shopping malls

Welcome to my life. You're tall!"- a girl that I know (not particularly like) said to me once. "Well, if I'm tall, you're short.