If you've ever wanted to explain to an adult what it's actually like to live inside the brain of a teenager... there's a Tumblr for that. Scroll below for 15 new memes we love this week from the hilarious website Teenager Posts and prepare to see you....

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

i am literally listen to music rn in class.i am just jamming out and dancing everybody is staring at me but i dont fucking care boo bye!

Parent humor   ....  oh yeah!!  Soon to come... Oh wait it's already started!

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes

Welcome to being a parent of a teenager. Prepare for a large amount of eye rolling, emotional outbursts, and thoughts of running away. And that's just the parents!

funny teen stuff | LOL funny humor i can relate teen quotes relatable funny quotes so ... @Connie Call Me Sara

LOL funny humor i can relate teen quotes relatable funny quotes so relatable

saving this idea for later :-)

This overprotective dad:

Very over protective father - I bet dad thought about doing this once or twice. funny thing is - I wouldn't have driven in the "NO!" zone- because the car's fastest speed isn't covered ;

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Top 30 Funny quotes for Teens

Here are the best funny minion quotes ever! Everyone loves minions and these hilarious minion quotes will put a smile on your face!

For all you parents out there, take a little break and remember you are not alone out there!!

14 Gift Cards Sarcastic Parents Would Love

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i love when my parents say no boys, it just makes me want to say,"so i cant have friends over?" i say that because none of them are girls, they are either theys or hims.

OK, maybe it wasn't all so bad:

My sister (one of the few peoples I've come out to) is jealous of the fact that me and my girlfriend can do whatever we want without parental restrictions. Like, have her in my room and stuff XD

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Yea when I see someone at Target or Starbucks or Heinens in the summer I just act totally cool and funny and they see and this is all they think "oh it's mary Louise being well mary loui- ooh she just ran into the yogurt stand" 😂😂😂


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