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robin from teen  titans NOT TEEN TITANS GO!!! totally diff things!!! though same characters O_O
Robin from Teen Titans.Thinking of doing this for DCC.                                                                                                                                                      More

Coolest Halloween Teen Titans Group Costume

Uhh...hi I'm robin the ORIGINAL leader of the teen titans. Someone broke into the Titans tower and found me and talked me into going here. I'm supposed to look for a person named @sbates1999 ?
Beast Boy flirting with Raven.This was before Terra ruined him.<-------------- I am only repinning because HE KNOWS... He actually read those comics... I can remember beast boys inner turmoil... All hail.
Teen Titans 18. Diana Prince. Wonder Woman. Tim Drake. Red Robin.
Robin x Starfire - Robstar. Ok this makes me want to cry! Here come the waterworks!
Teen Titans Robin: I love how he's like a teenage Batman in this.
I got: Robin! Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Red X from Teen Titans ( Young Justice style)
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Oh my gosh! When I was watching this episode the other day. I was totally like, "Wth, why is Robin so smiley?"
See what I mean! I think they are brother and sister! ☺️
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