6 Cute Ways to Have Fun With Test Tubes - clever to make for someone with limited space in their home

6 Cute Ways to Have Fun With Test Tubes

Succulent test tube centerpieces

For the readers that share this passion, we have selected 25 Easy DIY Test Tube Vase Crafts Ideas. Yes, you read right, test tubes can… Continue Reading →


QUICK DIY: TEST TUBE BOLT VASES (a pair & a spare)

DIY Bolt Test Tube Vases - could try bullet shells instead of bolts too

test tube spice rack...hmm...maybe, but I'm not sure it would be big enough :/

Test Tube Spice Rack

Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices. I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice.

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Easy DIY Wall Mounted Test Tube Vases

There's something about the shape of clear test tubes that just begs for a DIY. so today I want to share a fun test tube vase project with you.

Ethan Ollie

This would be interesting decor for a wedding reception: vintage glass science beakers and test tubes as vases.

Flower Glass tube Holder / Test tubes

In the spirit of this I thought it might be nice to start adding easy DIY gift ideas that you can make with love and give to family or friends.

Even simpler idea for party favors. Small servings of custom tea, since we're such big tea drinkers :)

Favorite Wedding Favors Ideas

i need to find old bed springs - i love this idea

Old bed springs are not just rusty and trash. Instead of just throwing them away, you can convert them into some creative things. Check out this list of DIY bed spring crafts, which include card holder, wind chimes, DIY vase and votive holder.