Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

It's a fact that anywhere in Texas you can yell. " The stars at night are big and bright".and random strangers will finish your sentence.

Thanks for your suggestions, Texas! | 20 Emojis All Texans Wish Existed

20 Emojis All Texans Wish Existed

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That really smells great. I love it more when it's cold (yes it does get cold) here in San Angelo. I will smell some scrumptious barbecue happening and it is 20 degrees out. Now that is my soul mate.

Texas humor

Sounds pretty much right, jus do the math . 1 bull - plus 1 cowboy at plus case a beer = the sport a Bullridin' . n THAT's how the sport a Bullridin' came to be, as did the phrase, 'Here, hold this beer n watch this'

That's a fact

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Y'all.  #fitnessjourney #weightwatchers #hardworkpaysoff

I love my Texas food.chips & queso are my weakness! On your cheat days don't feel guilty.thats what Fatfighter is for! Take a Fatfighter after your meal and let it block those carbs and fats!

Meanwhile in Texas

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