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No kidding, I imagined the guy with Andrew's voice. It sounds exactly like him. "You have butterflies? DIGEST THEM" I can see his face in my head oh dear.

I actually did spit everywhere

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I feel that tumblr has freed people to communicate those little realizations we have that would normally go unsaid, and I love it, because it connects us.

becoming conscious of your living is the weirdest thing ever like does anyone ever feel like that < YES EVER SINCE IVE BEEN FIVE I THOUGHT I WAS THE OBKY ONE<<this is called an existential crisis everyone, i live in a constant state of existential crisis

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So true! It's not like I'm a horrible person who is bound to go to jail (well there was that one time.

History? More like OURstory, 23 Tumblr Text Posts About History That Are Just Funny

23 Tumblr Posts About History That Are Just Really Funny

The Best of Tumblr

Birdinator-inator 3000 because the first one is either blown up, a fail, or under a pile of moss.

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I used to do this in high school and the kid next to me would laugh so hard that the teacher would ask what's funny.