Taraji P. Henson played the role of Sherry Parker in the movie The Karate Kid (2010). Awards : A BET Award for Best Actress 2011.

High resolution official theatrical movie poster ( of for The Karate Kid Image dimensions: 966 x Directed by Harald Zwart. Starring Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P.

There's never been a better movie made about a young white guy learning martial arts from an old asian guy.

The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid. Who could resist Ralph Macchio, or even Mr Miyagi for that matter? Loved this movie.

The Karate Kid ( 1984 ) this is actually my favourite picture of this cast❤

The karate kid 1984 (pat Morita, Ralph macchio and Elisabeth shue).

#classicreview: Did you know Tom Hanks presented Jackie Chan with an honorary Oscar last weekend? Called him a great actor. Look it up. What did you think of Chan's performance in THE KARATE KID? http://yourfamilyexpert.com/karate-kid-family-movie-review/

Set in China with Jackie Chan training Jade Smith, shouldn't it be The Kung Fu Kid? Regardless, this Karate Kid remake is a surprisingly solid remake.

Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio

The Karate Kid - 1984 - with Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki Pat Morita

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