4 easy steps and 4 products to turn thin lips into a plump, pillowy pout (via @byrdiebeauty)

How to Fake Fuller Lips: 4 Easy Steps

4 easy steps and 4 products to turn thin lips into a plump, pillowy pout (via I already have quite full lips but this would be cool to try

How to Fake Fuller Lips - If your lips aren't as full as you'd like them to be, don't sweat it. Instead, simply employ these quick tips, courtesy of makeup artist Lauren Cosenza, that'll help you achieve an Angelina Jolie-like pout.

How to Fake Fuller Lips

Makeup Tutorials & Makeup Tips : Easy Makeup Hacks for Faking Bigger Lips by Makeup Tutorials at makeuptutorials.c… -Read More –

Fuller lips trick- easy enough

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Does Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson’s luscious pout make you pout? Well, turn that frown upside down. If you’re a little self-conscious about your thin lips, I’ve got a few simple steps that can help create the illusion of fuller lips.

How To Wear Bright Lipstick On Thinner Lips


Make up: Applying you 'lippy' products to create a fuller lip look.

Make-up Trick: Fuller Lips! Looks crazy at first but once finished looks great. Awesome idea esp for us girls with thin lips! Love the nude lip look too

Why I'm Not Ashamed Of My High-Maintenance Makeup Routine #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/goth-beauty-ideas-lydia-pang#slide-7  On days when I fancy mixing it up and not wearing my staple black lip, I like to do thicker eyeliner, starting thin in the center and thickening it out at the flick. And I lather on the mascara and separate my bottom eyelashes with tweezers, pulling them into even little shapes. And I add a little central dot; my bestie does this a lot and I think it’s so…

6 Photos That Prove The Power Of Makeup

Gothic Beauty by Lydia Ping Beauty Ideas - Nude lips using Concealer -MLV

Best  All Naturel Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Pretty: •Soft Feet with vicks: Exfoliate your legs then use vicks vapor rub or warm olive oil to massage your feet, cover them with socks to treat dry, rough feet overnight. •Moisturized lips: Wake up to soft and pink lips, exfoliate your lips using a clean toothbrush then use a thin layer of sweet almond oil or honey over the lips before going to bed. •Cuticle/ Nail Care: Soften the cuticles overnight by using a small amount of coconut oil

Fix your beauty problems overnight to wake up to a whole new glow. Experts say you can multitask – you can get some rest and sneak in some beauty treatments at the same time. Treat your skin …

I like the thinness of the line, but not that it flips up before the corner of the eye

For perennially sexy eyes, learn how to to use black eyeliner like Cleopatra once did. Cat-eye makeup -- lined upper lashes finished with a subtle "wing"

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