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Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku -... | Traveling Lens Photography

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku - Japan Tokyo is a city that excels…

Week 10- Shibuya probably is the most successful and famous pedestrian area in the world.

The Shibuya crossing, also known as the Shibuya scramble, is without a doubt one of the most famous pedestrian crossings in the world. More than people pass through per day and a whooping people cross every green light.

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9 Cities You Have to Visit in Japan

Tokyo, Japan. I could see myself wandering the streets, shopping, trying sushi, eating at a bizarre restaurant....only one can hope.

10 Books Set in Tokyo: Reading the Motley City

Tokyo, Japan’s most populous metropolis, has been a subject of literature for centuries, and continues to inspire writers today. Check out 10 Books Set in Tokyo

Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya, Tokyo where I lived with my girlfriend in a beautiful garden home for twelve years.

Osaka City at Night, Japan, imagine what could be achieved by this inspiration

Osaka City at Night, Japan. This street is especially enhanced by the lights of the signs, creating reflections in the water.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan http://www.besteno.com/questions/where-is-the-best-place-to-go-sight-seeing-in-japan

our layover is in tokyo! we won't get to leave the airport but at least we'll see it from the sky.

View of Mount Fuji from Higashikurume station.  Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan

View of Mount Fuji from Higashikurume station, Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan, photograph by Hiroshi Ookura.