Double tongue piercings this one is cute but I don't think I'd ever get it.

Tongue piercing has become very popular among teens. Tongue piercings look very attractive, but you should take certain precautions while going for tongue piercing. You should pierce your tongue on…

14 Gauge Black Beating Heart Straight Barbell Tongue Ring 5/8" | Body Candy Body Jewelry #bodycandy #piercings #tonguering

14 Gauge Black Beating Heart Straight Barbell Tongue Ring 5/8"

Product Details Add some fun to your pierced body jewelry collection with this heart tongue ring, perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime. The 14 gauge, barbell is topped with a delicate black acr

This would be a nice jewellery for my pierced tongue...

You will find a range of Tongue Piercings thus, a range of Tongue Rings Offered. Just about any tongue piercing is actually great simply bec.

Sorry for so many selfies today BUUUT the beloved tongue piercing has returned!  When I had it before I had it for over 3 years and had it stretched to 2g, so re piercing it through scar tissue actually didn't hurt at all lol. Like I didn't even feel it and it kind of startled me. But YAY IM SO HAPPY  piercing by @whiskey_minx who does all of my piercings wonderfully

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Tongue Piercing can't wait to get mine

Want one?

my style , hoodie n coat, straight hair tounge ring minimal make up and vulgar stocking ;