What Are Tot Trays?  See what they are, how to use them and why from @1plus1plus1

Tot Trays

The Ultimate Tot Tray Idea Collection! #tottrays #totschool

Tot Tray Ideas ~ The Ultimate Collection

10 tot trays and activities about TOOLS! A fun theme for our nearly 3-year old boy.

10 Tools Tot Trays & Activities!

Op elke stip een beer OF Berenbingo met dobbelsteen
Bird Themed Tot School - 10 Bird Themed Tot Trays | #TotSchool #TotTrays #Toddler

Bird Tot School

Tot trays-  A better place for Q tips than down the heating registers.  :)
DINOSAUR themed tot trays and activities! Includes watercolor dinos cut with the Silhouette Cameo and a fun play dough tray!

11 Dinosaur Tot Trays!

5 quick and easy toddler activities that encourage fine motor development, with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Under $5!
44 Tot School Themes! Tot trays for holiday, transportation, animals and more!

44 Tot School Themes!

Here's a handy way of providing sweeping practice without the mess of it spreading on the floor!  Set up a sweeping "Tot Tray" activity instead.  I think I'd use something other than beads, however.  Seems like they'd be too unwieldy and could cause frustration. Perhaps some dried lentils (I'm thinking rice might be too small) would be about the right size and wouldn't roll.