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Gosh this is better than waffles.Courtney and Duncan going Mr and Ms Smith with racoons and muffins

some expressions... by Kikaigaku on DeviantArt

this is just a (relatively old) picture that I drew some weeks was an experiment about some facial expressions in this new style inspired by the Disney style 

Total Drama Fantasy by kikaigaku on deviantART

Heather,Gwen,Courtney & I don't know her name Total Drama Fantasy by kikaigaku on deviantART


Two characters in one timeline. This isn't a TD timeline, but a KND timeline, because i love that cartoon: it is one of the few cartoons that never disappointed me, and I like every single characte.

Gwen's Timeline......and if you notice she's only goth once in her life time which is her teenage years. So never under estimate goths is what I've learned today. Thank you

Here the timeline of Gwen!I called her daughter "Mary" like Mary Shelley, the writer of the Gothic novel "Frankenstein: or, The Modern Pr.