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Old pagan Slavs were tree worshippers

Tree stump carving Face                                                                                                                                                     More

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Books Carved From Trees

Chain saw artist salvages damaged tree trunks

Honeybee wooden carving (or totem)

Bee sculpture a real bee tree

Chainsaw carved 3 baby owls, We all living beings are made of the same energy and substance either mater or antimatter, therefore we have to respect life in all its disguises, don't support animal killing for meat and pollution, go vegan and green for is a most, http://ninaohman4life.wordpress.com/

3 Baby Owls carved in a tree by Tommy Craggs

Beautiful tree carvings made by talented British sculptor Tommy Craggs.

Wooden Owl Sculpture I would like to have this in my house


Beautiful wood carving (chain saw)

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Pics, Facts, Funny Stuff about Animals & Nature Fairy Tree Houses

He loves to hide behind trees,  so much like Bigfoot peering thru the leaves~ nice tree carving too!

tree art - huge wood spirit carved into large tree stump

The Celts saw a face on each and every tree, and believed that souls or spirits lived inside of them, the reason why they worshiped them.                                                                                                                                                      More

Dryad (in folklore and Greek mythology) a nymph inhabiting a tree or wood

An amazing wood spirit ~ #trees #carving #nature                                                                                                                                                      More

Gorgeous wood craving of a sprite tree.

carving a tree stump into art - Bing Images

Sculpture from a tree trunk.

Tree carving photograph by John Morris (Flickr)

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Bear carvings

Bears in a tree carving

AWESOME yard art ! gotta do something like this for BIG BEAR Home .

Exceptional Examples of Tree Carving Art

Beautiful tree carvings made by talented British sculptor Tommy Craggs.

Tree-carved throne by Tommy Craggs