De agua salada, mi pez favorito. Increíbles esos colores, su forma. Podría estar horas mirándolos. Desde niño he querido una pescera, algún día, con mis peces favoritos. / Tang Fish

In case the tank is unbalanced it is going to eventually crack. If you prefer, you can purchase smaller fish tanks and place some dividers between. You may also put in a cute fish tank!

Tropical Fish: The Thorn-Tailed Fish (Acanthuridae) is a family of forked-tailed fish, (aka: tang, surgeonfish, unicornfish & more). There are over 80 species in this family, all who have very sharp & dangerous spines on their tail, which fork out at their rear. Usually the spines lie flat against the sides of the fish but if they are angry or scared the spines stick out & can be used to lash out at any perceived threat as the fish thrashes its tail about.

Thorn-Tailed Fish - Pretty Tropical Fish with Spiny Tails

Thorn-Tailed Fish - Pretty Tropical Fish with Spiny Tails Animal .

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Pictus Catfish - This is sometimes confused with the Synodontis Angelus catfish but they are actually different. As per this type of catfish, this is really a native in Africa.

A Glimpse of the Life of Pictus Catfish

Tropical fish. Beautiful colors!

BICOLOR PARROTFISH (Cetoscarus bicolor) ©User:Rling/Richard Ling Other Photos you may enjoy: Opalscent Sriped Discus Electric Blue Fish Parrotfish teeth - creating sand out of coral… rhamphotheca: “ Bicolour Parrotfish (Cetoscarus bicolor) … a.

They reckon sea turtles and brilliantly adorned tropical fish are common sights at Molasses Reef

What a gorgeous seal life image! Sea turtles and brilliantly adorned tropical fish are common sights at Molasses Reef.

senerii: Aquatic Simplicity by ~beregond3019

Nemo is going to touch the butt! He is an orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula). There are more than 30 species of clownfish!

Powder Blue Tang Fish (Acanthurus leucosternon)

Powder Blue Tang Fish (Acanthurus leucosternon) another member of our little ocean

According to Taipei Times, researchers from Jy Lin Trading, National Ocean University and Academia Sinica have developed the world's first-ever fluorescent pink angelfish.

Genetically engineered angelfish (Pterophyllum) glow in a tank at the 2012 Taiwan international aquarium expo. The fish are the world's first pink fluorescent angelfish and can view without black light.

Discus fish - ©Roberto Cortes (via FineArtAmerica)

Discus World Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Roberto Cortes

Not from the reef. These are beautiful freshwater fish. they are very hard to keep in an aquarium. Discus fish - ©Roberto Cortes ¿que colores.