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Garden Permaculture Polyculture (+ examples)

Permaculture: What is Polyculture? -

Natural looking pond with elegance | Landscape St. Louis |
26 minutes | This timely documentary offers practical steps on how to 'permaculturize' our lives. It invites viewers into a permaculture community that spans the globe. Most importantly, it gives the critical inspiration needed to turn our backs on that which is failing us, and to create a sustainable future of our own making.
Find limestone & creek-rocks, haul them home for natural looking borders in a woodland garden.

Stunning Shade Garden Design Ideas

4 Permaculture Principles Every Gardener Should Embrace | PreparednessMama

4 Permaculture Principles Every Gardener Should Embrace

Permaculture Association | Design | Hooke Court History & Permaculture Garden
ØsterGRO - a 600 m2 organic rooftop garden, five floors above an old car auction – it sounds like a scene from New York, but it is totally Copenhagen.