Great idea for outdoor parties

Yard Twister - fun game for spring and summer parties! Great idea for grad parties!

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER–keep those kids active!

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER-keep those kids active

Twister with colored shaving cream. What's more sad is I want to make it a drinking game so I can watch other people (and myself) face plant into the colored shaving cream.

How to make a customized DIY Twister game for a Sprinkle or Polka Dot birthday party!

How to make a customized DIY Twister game

What is the BEST way to improve your balance you ask?  It's not what you think....

Hosting another Board Game Night is on my list! What a better way to combine exercise & board games than playing Twister! Did you know that Twister (produced by Milton Bradley) was accused by its competitors of selling "sex in a box"?

Twister Game Bible Object Lesson

SINGING TIME IDEA: Thanksgiving Twister - colored circles match colored food items on plate to 'eat'. Song to sing, name that tune, way to sing.

do it yourself divas: DIY: Giant Yard Twister Game with SHAVING CREAM

All you need for this amazing giant twister game is, a little patience and. A huge tarp Some tape to find even spaces for .