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D&AD Awards 2001 Symbols and Logotypes Wood Pencil Winner from Andrew Ross United Kingdom.

Hey guys. This is my new logo! What are you're thoughts?

My new logo

Today I thought it would great to check some inspiring typographic logo designs.

OLIVIA Bistro Urbano by Bunker3022 studio

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More design inspiration from Designspiration — 60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs

I like how the logo is just a group of shapes that when put together the negative space forms together to look like the words "Another Place". I could do something similar.

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Like Michelangelo's David

Like Michelangelo's David

like the weight of the type and the integration of another smaller weight, could have a version of the logo that has "bike share" integrated and one that doesn't

City Cycle

Let’s start the new year going crazy over typographic design. Let’s begin with some of the best and most creative examples of typographic logo design.