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This is a really cool way to have a pool. A lot of people want a pool in their house but traditional pools can get borni for. A wrap around pool would be perfect because it is a new and exciting way to have a pool in your house and it looks classy.

Basement conversion swimming pool

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unique indoor swimming pool

unique indoor swimming pool in a tunnel underneath or next to the house! When I win the lottery, this is SOOO at my house.

Погреб на даче своими руками.


Cheap DIY Root Cellar or Emergency Shelter; spray insulation inside each layer of cement blocks for improved thermal regulation.

holy indoor pool! amazing.

NORTH CAROLINA ~ (Asheville) Often referred to as a time capsule, the Omni Grove Park Inn is a nearly one hundred year old historic resort hotel on the western-facing slope of Sunset Mountain within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grotto pool shown in picture.

Can't Believe It's a Hotel: 20 Coolest hotel pools in the US | Expedia Viewfinder

Can't Believe It's a Hotel: 20 Coolest hotel pools in the US